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Bob Crow will be sorely missed - Tributes from CSC and Cuban Embassy to RMT leader who died today

11 March 2014

"On behalf of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the UK we would like to offer our deepest sympathy to Bob’s family, colleagues and friends.

Bob was a wonderful friend to the working people of Cuba. As RMT General Secretary, Bob was part of the long and proud tradition of international solidarity shown towards the people of Cuba from trade unionists here in Britain.

Bob led his union in a position of unswerving support for the Cuban people and their struggle for national self-determination free from the constant aggression of US interference in their affairs. He was a tireless supporter of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) and spoke at numerous CSC events up and down the country. For 10 years now Bob has hosted the annual Cuba garden party at Maritime House where personalities from Cuba and the UK would come together to celebrate the achievements of this small island and to build the campaign against the US blockade and for the freedom of the Miami Five. Bob worked closely with the transport union of Cuba and hosted visits from their union to the UK. He was instrumental in their integration into the International Transport Federation.

Bob was deeply involved in the campaign for the release of the Miami Five. He spoke of the Five alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela as being heroes who were unjustly imprisoned, and would one day themselves be recognised internationally as heroes. One of his last acts of solidarity was to attend the Voices for Cuba concert at the Barbican on Friday 7 March and the RMT supported the recent International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Five. He regularly spoke at the annual vigil outside the US Embassy in London for freedom of the Five.

Bob will be sorely missed by all of us at the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. His passing will be mourned in Cuba. His tireless work for the betterment of humankind was an inspiration. The best tribute we can give is to once again strengthen the struggle for an end to the US blockade, freedom for the Miami Five and for Cuba’s right to follow their own chosen path to continue to build their socialist society built on the principle of human cooperation and solidarity, principals for which Bob Crow worked for all his life."

The Cuban Ambassador also passed on a tribute and condolences on behalf of the Cuban people:

"With profound sadness we have received the news about the sudden and untimely death of our good friend and comrade Bob Crow, a man we learned to respect and admire."

"We will always remember Bob for his determined and unconditional solidarity with the people of Cuba and his strong beliefs in its right to independence and self determination. We will never forget either his immense contribution in the struggle to liberate our five comrades imprisoned in the United States."

"Please, convey my deepest sympathies to his partner and his children and to all his friends and colleagues in the RMT and in the trade union movement, on behalf of the Embassy and the people of Cuba and on my own name."


Esther Armenteros


Bob Crow speaking on his support for the Miami Five following last year's Vigil for the Five
Bob speaking about the Miami Five and 2011 Vigil


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