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Fernando González has just been appointed as Vice President of ICAP

06 December 2014

Message from ICAP 12 June 2014

Dear Friends

The comrade Fernando González Llort, one of the five heroes imprisoned in the US for more than 15 years and recently released after serving his full unjust sentence, has been appointed as Vice President of ICAP (Cuban Friendship Institute).

Fernando graduated with a golden diploma degree in International Political Relations in 1987 at the Graduate Institute of International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between 1987 and 1989 he participated as internationalist combatant in the war for the liberation of Angola and against apartheid; he is known for his modesty, humility and serenity; his in depth analysis and extensive knowledge of international affairs; his firmness and discipline; his demonstrated faithfulness.

This decision strengthens us all; after 16 years in prisonwe have to keep creatively challenging in order to achieve our ultimate goal, the freedom of Tony, Ramón and Gerardo.

In solidarity,

Kenia Serrano Puig
President of ICAP

Story in Spanish on Voices for the FIve


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