Cuban authors tour - London meeting

  “Economic changes in Cuba - how can socialism be improved ?”
Bread & Roses pub, 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4
Sunday 10 March
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With guest speakers from Cuba:

José Alberto Negrin Colina
(General Secretary of the Havana branch of the Cultural Workers Union)

Julia Lydia Calzadilla Nuñez
(Renowned Cuban children's author)

Cuba has been in the news over the last few years with reports on important changes instituted in the economy. One of the most commented upon changes has been the decision to allow a large number of self-employed individuals and small businesses to develop. Also, in January of this year, the Cuban government implemented radical changes to its legal emigration policies - making it much easier for Cuban citizens to travel abroad.

These changes take place during a continuing world economic crisis of capitalism - a crisis that lumbers from one desperate “solution” to another.

Most capitalist commentators have been quick to categorise the changes in Cuba as marking the beginning of the end of socialism and the transition to capitalism. Our meeting offers a rare chance to hear the Cuban side.

Why have these changes taken place and how ? What will their impact on Cuba be in the future? How do Cubans see the economic challenges that face them ? Just some of the questions we hope to cover during our discussion.

All welcome.

For more information please ring Steve Johnson on 0208 671 0730
or Ray Davis on 0207 326 1550
South London Cuba Solidarity Campaign

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