February 2012 marks fifty years since the United States imposed its vindictive blockade on Cuba – a vicious policy which has cost the Cuban economy at least $105 billion and caused the Cuban people immense suffering and hardship.

1962-2012: Five decades of US economic warfare and aggression

  • The blockade denies access to food, educational and medical equipment including drugs for kidney transplants, prostheses for children with bone tumours, and antibiotics for babies
  • The US government grants millions of dollars every year for groups in and outside Cuba working to overthrow the Cuban government
  • 3,478 Cubans have died in terrorist attacks from US backed right-wing exile groups
  • The Miami Five have been unjustly imprisoned in the US for more than 13 years for trying to stop attacks against their country
  • British banks and companies have been fined or stopped from trading with Cuba under the extraterritorial blockade laws
  • 187 – 2 countries voted against the blockade at the United Nations in 2010, but still the Obama administration says it has no plans to end it.

End the Blockade Now!

Thanks to the work of our supporters the Cuba Solidarity Campaign has had notable success:

  • campaigning against the blockade in the UK
  • raising awareness among trade unions and the wider public
  • lobbying within parliament and government
  • breaking the silence around the case of the Miami 5

But in this 50th year of blockade we need to do more, and we need your help to do it.

Please help us to support Cuba by making a donation to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s END IT NOW! appeal today.

To donate  by cheque, or by credit or debit card over the phone

END IT NOW! appeal
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
c/o Unite T&G Woodberry
218 Green Lanes
London N4 2HB
Tel.  020 8800 1055

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